September 2020

"Why Worry When The River is so Close' is an art-project of Annemarie Cilon.

I walk along the river the IJssel from the border Kampen/Hattum to the mouth of the river in the Ketelmeer. 


"Why Worry When the River is so close" is an expression from the traditional Yugambeh/Ugarapul language Australia. In the original language you say: "Minyahgu buyma balun bundagahl". In the mixed language ( pidgin) the expression is: "Why Buyma when Balun close". The expression means: "The Rivers are all we need" or "Better than no water'. (Source Yugambeh Museum).

With this art-project I want to explore the values of the River The IJssel in the Gemeente Kampen Overijssel and the rivers in general.

Medium: Photography, video, text and sound recordings. 

Sound from the water of the Wetering into the The IJssel.